apple rant

26 Apr

Turns out apple called the police to seize all property of gizmodo writer who leaked the story of the new iphone and in all honesty apple you fucks are lucky it wasnt someone like me who found that phone. i would have taunted you fucks for weeks about giving the iphone to your major competition, blackberry. worst of all i would have went to keocera or whatever there name is and gave them the new iphone and let them reverse engineer a iphone killer. i wouldent even asked them for money, thats how much i hate you. honestly gizmodo wrote a story on it, then as you asked they gave it back. no one got there hands on it stole its “technology” and made you have to make your apple fanboys wait another year to get there hands on your cock slobbering garbage phone. apple the only thing you did decent was a ipod and even that is just barely good. zune offers there player with hd video. Apple i hope that something horrible happens to your company and you lose everything but all of your innocent employees find jobs right after at better companys.

story: apple sucks

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