MovieTalk: Machete

17 Apr

Machete @ Suit Up

Whattup whattup. Movie talk here at Suit Up and in the form of Robert Rodriguez, and a film I can’t wait to see – Machete. You might remember before the Grindhouse movie rolled, there was a fake trailer for a film starring Danny Trejo as Machete Cortez, well now Rodriguez is turning it into a full fledged flick. Plot stars Danny Trejo as the lead character, a former Mexican Federale turned renegade. Machete gets offered a gig to assassinate a corrupt US sentator – Robert De Niro’s character McLaughlin, who’s been kicking all the illegal Mexicans outta the country. What unfolds is a plot to get Machete killed, framing him for the attempted assassination of McLaughlin, and with this giving his movement to rid the country of it’s illegals even more fire power. What follows is Machete’s path to redemption, or more-so, revenge, with hot handed customs agent Jessica Alba on his tail, Cortez begins recruiting various viglantes such as Lindsay Lohan, Cheech Marin, and editor fav Michelle Rodriguez (don’t ask me why but I’d beat that into next christmas) who all, in one way or another, have ties to either side of the battle. Film is due to drop September 2010 so keep a lookout, no official trailer is yet to have dropped so peep below for the original fake trailer screened during Grindhouse/Planet Terror. Peace

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