MovieTalk: KickAss2

11 Apr

Hit Girl @ Suit Up

Whattup whattup. Mad quiet recently I guess the weathers making everyone think they have a life lol…Anyway good news for y’all in the form of Kick Ass news, and better yetm the sequal. Despite early suggestion that it’d depend on the success of the first, Millar has stated he’s due to start writing pretty much now. Marvel have let Mark Millar and John Romita – the original creators of the comics – take the series in the direction they wanna. Millar says the idea he wants to work for the sequel is gonna be a backstory for character Hit Girl. She’s this dope foul mouthed ass kicking little girl but we don’t know much about her. The story will take the kinda route that a History of Violence with Vigo Mortenson took, finding out where she came from that resulted in who we now know, and also showing the downside to the original where regular people became heroes, and showing how the other end the scale tips when average citizens become villains. Hopefully this’ll get the greenlight cause I think if they work this angle it’d be fucking dope. Any more news and you’ll get it soon as we do. Peace

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