MovieTalk: Resident Evil: Afterlife

03 Apr

RE: Afterlife @ Suit Up

Finally. Hello by the way. Finally the trailer leaks. This is the first official trailer to leak for the latest film in the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil: Afterlife. The series continues from the last film, opening with Alice (Mila Jovovich) piloting a plane through a deserted mountain range onto the smoulders of a once glorious Los Angeles. The T virus has escaped, and with that, almost everyone is dead. What follows is Alice’s continuing war with the Umbrella Corporation, and this time, along with Clair Redfield (Ali Larter) they’re bringing the fight straight to Umbrella’s door. Due to drop September 11th, will be showin in standard 2D or 3D in selected cinemas for a higher price. I Can’t fucking wait for this to drop, seriously I’m like a kid at christmas. A Nightmare on Elm Street, Rec 2, Underworld 4 and now a new RE movie? 2010 we bringin’ horror back baby. Take a look at the trailer below and enjoy, comment what you think about the direction of the movie and as dar as we know, sources confirm the success of this movie determines if another one gets made so go out and support good movies by copping tickets when this opens. Peeeeeace

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