MovieTalk: TheExpendables

31 Mar

The Expendables @ Suit Up

Movie news here at Suit Up. Here’s the trailer for the 2010 action flick The Expendables, featuring Stallone, Schwarzennegar, Jet Li and among others, Steve Austin (his ass better hit someone with the Stone Cold Stunner.) Seems kinds like a lower budget A Team film, I dunno if I can make my mind up about it but I’ll cop the film when it drops cause I like action movies and there’s really not too many good ones these days, here’s I’m hoping this one comes good. Stallone’s an old man now as is Arnie but I’m sure he’s gonna be badass in this. It’s about a team of elite troops on the hunt for a target, a select few men considered ‘Expendable’ to their owners taking on a man with an army who feel he’s indesposable. Explosions, guns and a lotta swearing, could work out pretty well with a few Corona…Anyway hit the trailer below see what you think, I’m hoping this doesn’t disappoint but we’ll see

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