Hakan reviled and it is hilarious.

10 Mar

LOL so capcom has released the tenth and final character in there game “Super Street Fighter IV”. The oil obsessed turkish grappler known as “Hakan”. all i can say is “lmfao capcom are your serious?”. he hilarious and/or gay all at once, i mean he drenches himself in oil (or at least what i hope is oil and not ky) and grabs people and poops them out or slides across the floor lol. At first i thought he was a peedaphile because i didnt hear him say “I love my daughters they are so pretty”. i thought whats a big oily dude with little girls around him doing? why is there a girl in the background instead of pedobear? shows i need to pay attention lol. He just screams rape grab, check the image below the video lol. btw is it just me or does the music for hakan sound like spongebob squarepants is singing?

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Posted by on March 10, 2010 in comedy, LOL, wtf?, youtube


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