This ones for you man.

05 Mar

So last night Taylor Swift kicked off her fearless tour in tampa and one panty shot (well spandex) came up and this is just for our other admin…because shes his kool aid. Though the more i see of her shes slowly fighting megan fox for that top spot. shes one of the few blonde girls that doesnt look horrible when shes wet. Also sorry for the lack of posts but things have been busy and slow all at once. ill try to pick up more sources and what not. i’ll tell you this when you forget to eat for 2 days then tear into a epic burrito from your favorite local 24 hour mexican resturant its what i assume your first hit of a hardcore drug is like. almost like on the boondocks when riley ate that burger the “Luther”.

yeah the place i got it did a close up too.

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Posted by on March 5, 2010 in Cute, eye candy, wife status


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