MovieTalk: GreenLantern

19 Feb

Green Lantern @ Suit Up!

Amid rumors and buzz that a Green Lantern flick was gonna come soon, DC Comics officials Dan DiDio, Jim Lee and Geoff Johns confirm he is getting the big screen treatment, and better yet, it’s next up in their list of superhero flicks. Rumors started when Ryan Reynolds spouted that he’d like to play Lantern given he was one of his favorite superheros. Reynolds apprently even offered his own money to spearhead the project into life, this however, remains unknown. With the news that a Deadpool movie is well into the thought stream at Marvel, the net said one man couldn’t represent the opposing franchises, but if anyone can, and do it well – after a solid show as Wade Wilson/Deadpool in the X-Men Origins flick – I think that man is Ryan Reynolds. After a recent shuffle in staff at DC they confirmed in an interview that Green Lantern was next up, unfortunately though, they gave little else in the way of information so I guess we gotta use our own ideas here. I’m interested to see how this comes off, I’m not a big fan of him as a hero but I am a fan of Reynolds ability as an actor so he, for me, makes this worth a watch.

Here’s what new Cheif Creative Officer Geoff John’s had to say:

”My approach in comic books, and this should be evident with things like Justice Society of America and Booster Gold, I believe that there are no so-called D-list characters. There are just D-list stories and D-list takes. They’re all A-list, but it just depends on how you present them. I think something that hasn’t always happened is that… Green Lantern has such a surge in the comic books. And now it’s becoming a movie rather than coming in the reverse manner. Everything we do is coming from the comic books. From today’s comic books. I’d argue that five years Green Lantern wasn’t even on that list, you know? I think how we’ve approached Green Lantern and how I’ve built that… I think that’s our goal for all characters – A, B, C, D, E-list. All the characters. There’s so much potential in all of them, so I want to let that grow”

He went on to say Green Lantern is officially green lit, and production starts as early as March. Personally I think they could grab a whole new level of fans with this, and as a comic book geek there’s nothing more exciting than seeing one of our underrated get the hollywood look, here’s hoping its a look well suited like the Batman franchise.

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