Album News: The Game

18 Feb

Game @Suit Up!

So here’s the thing that bugs me about Game…He seems to have no will to try do things his way, no desire to say fuck you to the hand that pulled away his branch to the food and go out by himself. That said, he does have the common sense to do it the right way even if it’s NOT on his terms. Flashback to when Game and Fifty had beef, Game left G-Unit records and Aftermath in turn. Game hits up Geffen and Amalgam digital (his most recent switch) and although the last album did well and got its accolades, it just wasn’t the same, it didn’t feel like The Documentary because we all knew a piece of the puzzle was missing. As of right now, 2010, that piece is back in the form of Aftermath, where Game is now stationed once again. Now two things you need to know; Firstly, anyone thinking Game’s running home with his tail between his legs after biting off more than he can chew should realise Aftermath need his sales, especially in this climate where piracy is king and good music doesn’t sell as well as it should, but Aftermath artists – aside of the obvious Curtis and Marshall, ain’t makin’ football numbers no more. Second; anyone thinkin Game lost by returning needs to know that Dre contacts and beats > _________. Both parties get theirs outta this relationship, both need this relationship, now even more-so than before and it could well be the saving grace for the label and the artist.

Aftermath’ll know, and be pleased that Game’s gonna sell, I don’t buy into the whole gimmick or whatever but his music I like, which surprises me but still, credit where due. The man makes hit records and this I assume won’t be anything different, which Dre is perfectly aware of. The R.E.D album is due to drop this year and thanks to his Twitter we know he’s been in the studio with Dre, with Common, with a bunch of established cats and the fact that no solid tracks have actually leaked, for me, heightens the hype around this droppin’ and to be straight I’m lookin’ forward to it. A Fake tracklist is buzzing around but that’s not of interest, what is of interest is that Nas will be on the record, Dre will be on the record, it’s likely to expect Shady on the record (Note Shady not Eminem, we want Slim on this joint) and probably an R&B type artist for a lead single (Insert Ne-Yo, Drake or whoever here.)

It’s being kept close to the chest as far as content goes but I think even for those with no faith in mainstream hiphop anymore, this just might be the first glimpse of a pulse rate in our beloved lady, and hopefully, the adrenaline to bring her back to life.

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  1. TeddyBC

    February 19, 2010 at 4:18 AM

    hmmm dear thats cool. i like these kind of information 🙂
    take care



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