Album News: Travis Barker

16 Feb


FINALLY. The hiphop industry ben buzzin’ off Travis Barker’s remixes of classic joints such as Drake’s Forever, Eminem’s 3AM and Slaughterhouse’s The One, now we get confirmation of a solo project from the Blink182 drummer, a proper solo project. Barker won’t be taking to the mic, he’s gonna do what he does best and smashing the drums while other artists provide the vocals. He’s confirmed that Lil Wayne, Swizz Beats, the RAZ and even Beanie Seigel are gonna appear, also confirmed is Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor. I’d like to see Eminem (spitting like he has done recently) Mos Def, Jay-Z (Barker’s Jockin’ Jay-Z remix was TOO dope) and definitely a Royce/Budden cut on there, but generally I want lyricism and not just big names to attract buzz (Wayne, Drake etc) so I guess we’ll see, it’s being kept pretty close to the chest but here’s what Barker had to say:

“I’m not singing or being an MC or anything. Over the last five years, when Blink wasn’t around, I played a lot by myself or did a whole bunch of stuff with just me. Whether I was playing with T.I. or doing whatever, it just opened another world for me.”

“I just love music. The more I can be around it the better, so with my album it’s not one genre. It goes from everything from punk rock to hip-hop to some electro stuff on there to a metal song with Corey Taylor from Slipknot. It’s been really fun and interesting up till now.

No name no date but we’ll keep you posted. Peace

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