I think The creators of Flapjack have a case building

05 Jan

If you Remember back in September we posted up a movie called Trick R Treat. On the cover had a small child with a burlap sack on his face a’la Tee Hee Tummy Tums…well another movie has just done the same. Now that was all just a elaborate set up to make a connection to this movie. The Devils Backbone a Spanish movie directed by guillermo del toro. Its being remade into The Orphanage. The original was in Spanish much like his movie pan’s labyrinth (which was awesome). Personally i feel if the movie was good the first time…why remake it? just slap some subtitles on it and put it in the movies here. Granted im sure a lot of people will piss and moan because they have to read but a good movie is a good movie. Apparently this movie was already brought over in 2007 in select theaters. why they wanna remake it is beyond me. Tho dont confuse this with the orphan, that movie is creepy on a whole different scale. if you have seen it you know what im talking about if not…then prepare to go “oh god thats awful” then the other twist say “oh god thats creepy”.

Mark Pellington is headed to “The Orphanage,” New Line’s remake of the Spanish-language ghost tale “El Orfanato.”

The director’s in negotiations to helm the U.S. redo with Guillermo del Toro and ContraFilm toppers Beau Flynn and Tripp Vinson attached to produce. Script is written by Larry Fessenden and Del Toro.

The original “Orphanage” stars Belen Rueda (“The Sea Inside”) as a woman who takes over the orphanage where she was raised, to open a home for disabled children. Then her young son begins to play with the same imaginary friend who terrorized her when she was a child.

Del Toro was creative supervisor on the 2007 original, directed by Juan Antonio Bayona and produced by Rodar y Rodar and Telecinco Cinema in collaboration with Warner Bros. Pictures Espana.

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