Top 10 posts of the year.

31 Dec

Well with 2010 coming around and i decided to look at what our top posts of 2009 are…needless to say it was nothing but hot girls…and a car. in 2009 we saw the birth of the blog…and a redesign of the blog and that wont be the last of the changes for the best, im toying with some ideas on what to do on this blog and what to add. think of us as maxim without all the ads. Here’s to hoping this year starts off right and we all wake up next to a hot girl and we dont remember anything…until we look at the videos on our cell phones. heres to hoping you have a great 2010 full of hot girls, sex, booze, and fast cars and thanks for coming here everyday. anyways here we go on with the show.

10. Chanel the Rapping Receptionist.

Her Raps sure are not my cup of booze but she sure as hell is easy to look at. You can find her on Fantasy Factory on MTV or in ads at pacific sun pushing her clothing line. Needless to say she is one of our favorite colors…blond.

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9. Random White/Asian Hybrid of the day.

This one was a local Girl from sacramento but sadly she doesnt live here anymore.

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8. Limited Edition Bumble Bee Camaro

You guys have some great taste in cars. Not only was it a transformer in the movie with that sexy ass megan fox in the next post, it was a camaro. needless to say in 2010 i hope to be inside both…giggidy

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7. Megan Fox, How We Love You

Its no secret that i Love Megan Fox and i feel she should be higher up on the list. Ill take into the fact that i made about 93829382 posts of her and it was hard for you guys to see them all. Who didnt think that she was gonna be on the list? me and your mother are disappointed in you.

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6. OH EM GEE I’m the B-E-EST!!

We had a lot of nudes pop up this year and make it on the blog and honestly nothing hit more then Cassie. Sure shes a washed RnB singer who shaved half her head in a act that could only be described as slapping god in the face. She made up for it first leaking…er i mean having her pictures hacked and topless pics making it on here but what made the top 10 list was her showing vag and we here salute her for her whoureness. keep it up cassie and let hope you make it on next years list.

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5. Normally i wouldnt talk about this dude.

A post about a jonas fag made it on here. the guy screwed up plain and simple, he’s got girls just throwing it at him and decides to get locked in a marriage. The girl? some sub par chick…not a super model…not a hot actress, just some chick. I’m sure he was dead set on that “being a virgin till marriage” thing but damn wifing up a chick just to poke? thats about as low a girl as flying to kanas just to get poked by some douche because no one in california wants it even if you gave away $1000 with it.

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Ah Yes the nudes of Vanessa Hudgens how we love you. Her lawyers were scrambling to say she was underaged in these pics but to some careful detective work i deemed this 18 and up. you can read the post and see me and the other admin talk about the subject. More then cassie we hope she leaks more. and if your reading this miss hudgens do us a solid and send them strait to us.

read the post here.

3. Hilary Fisher

Hillary fisher, i dont know much other then she works modeling for Hooters and appears in there menus. Tho she doesnt work in there restaurants…i will say this she can serve me her wings any day.

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2. Kari Sweets

One of our First random girls of the day and needless to say it was a success. i mean school girl? check, hot white girl? double check leaning over a car? oh jebus what isnt there to like?

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and now for our number 1 post

1. Kandi From Two and a Half Men

Yes one of the girls from one of our favorite shows kandi aka april bowley. If i was Alan i would have wifed her and made many of children but then again i wouldent have gotten married and had her take all my money. lesson learned dont ever buy girls like her expensive gifts because once he bought her that car it was all down hill from there. she was dumb as hell in the show but im pretty sure she is a bright girl in real life either way shes full of win in our book.

read the post here


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