Cosplay Monday: Special Feature!

23 Nov

So as you know we have a love of awesome cosplay. Every week i dig through the internet and find the best out there. We try not to post the same things over or post sub par quality cosplays. So anyways as i get a lot from, and there are a lot of great cosplays on there. One of the Cosplayers is named IchigoKitty. one of her journal entries she talked about people stealing her pics and using them as there own. so i thought id tell her ive posted some of her pics in the cosplay monday and she was real cool about it and didnt make me take them down so i decided to do a feature on her and get her pics out there more so people will stop using her pics.


My name is Andrea, and I go as “Ichigokitty” or “Misatonpenpen” online. I’ve always been a big fan of Japanese culture and animation! I got into it when I was around the age of 10 and I was instantly hooked. I got all of my friends into it and it was great fun for us. Through watching anime, I’ve picked up on Japanese cultural trends and I’ve also learned a bit of the language. While at my University, I was able to take four semesters of Japanese language, and I’ve also traveled to Japan for two months in 2007. I have a minor in Asian Studies, so I feel as if I have a pretty good grasp on what asian culture is about.

Deviant art

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