Super Mario 2 with Hardcore commentary

30 Sep

all commentary should be done like this, just hire diedrich bader from neopleon dynamite and have him do it with his rex characters voice. you know the guy with the american flag pants. seriously i hate super mario 2. i beat it for the first time like 3 years ago and i was pissed off, at the end of the vid you will see why. i have the lost levels (the original mario 2) on my wii, and i know why they didnt port that on the NES. ive never cussed so much at a game since that time i was getting beat at monopoly and i flipped the board and said “i dont need this ill make my own boardwalk…with black jack and whoures…you know what forget the boardwalk and black jack”.

via: Geekologie, the bastard who says he loves dinosaurs but wont meet my demands. the offer is still on the table you lady, geekologie writer you get me kanyes severed head in a box for insulting taylor swift and ill supply you with all the dinosaur chicken nuggets you can have sex with…dont act like. that isnt what you will do.

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Posted by on September 30, 2009 in comedy, video games, youtube


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