WET…seems kinda dope

16 Sep

pretty much a bad ass chick voiced by eliza dusku, she drinks, shoots people in the face, and has a sword. pretty much when i played the demo it was pretty decent the in game graphics were of the 3d modeling seemed kinda eh on the bad guys but overall it seems dope. the modeling kinda reminded me of that true la crimes game. might wait too see it when it goes down to a cheaper price doesn’t look like it has a replay value like other games do (ie: online play and things like that). one problem is i hate the shit where you gotta press a button to do something and if you press the wrong one you die. thats not the whole game just a few parts. other then that it was pretty good. i do hope this gets turned into a movie. its like quentin tarantino movie minus the douche factor that comes with his fans who think hes god.


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