New BMW M6 Competition

09 Sep

Normally i dont post cars, I leave that to our other admin but…sweet 14 lbs 6 oz. baby jebus this car is awesome. its like walking into your bedroom and finding megan fox and Taylor swift making sweet lesbian love and then asking you to join. i like BMW’s something about there designs i like, except the ugly M90. That design was like 10 kinds of suck in a 8 suck bag. with that said here is the BMW M6 Competition, its just all kinds of awesome.

his month’s Frankfurt Motor Show will see BMW launching a special edition version of the M6 coupe called Competition that will be produced in a limited run of just 100 units. While the M6’s 507 horsepower V10 engine remains intact, the engineers over at BMW’s M division tweaked the Competition model’s suspension with new springs, dampers and stabilisers as well as lowering the coupe’s ride height by 12mm at the front and 10 mm at the rear.

The modified chassis control systems plus the new wheel and tire combination complete the performance upgrades.


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Posted by on September 9, 2009 in Automotive, eye candy


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