xbox to finally get another price cut

27 Aug

and microsoft keeps slapping me in the face. when i was looking for a elite the closest one was in utah, then they flooded the market after i bought my pro model. now they added a price cut…you guys suck ass. Ill give them this tho, my pro has never died on me so i cant really complain but you cheap bastards (looking at you other admin) can now get a elite for the same price i paid for the pro…damn it.


o the rumors were true: This Friday, the Xbox 360 Elite will drop $100 to $300 (no HDMI cable included), and the mid-range 360 Pro will go down to $250 (from $300). The Pro will also be phased-out.

That leaves us with the $300 Elite (120GB) and the $200 Arcade (bundled with five games and 256MB memory).

Meannnwhile… Sony’s new PS3 Slim is the same price as the Xbox Elite. And the 80GB and 160GB PS3s are now cut to $300 and $400, respectively.

Same prices, one has Blu-ray and Wi-Fi, one has Netflix exclusivity. You be the judge


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