When Playing Street Fighter gets cheap

13 Jul

First off this isnt me lol. When your playing Street Fighter online things start to become cheap. Guys sit there and spam hadoukens or play “turtle” and attack you when you attack. Theres some Bullshit moves like where people can hit you fall before you do and throw there ultra and shit gets annoying after a while. Yet us Street Fighter Junkies keep coming back lol. Last night i was playing my friend who is a beast with blanka and i was getting so pissed i was cussing in spanish lol

PS. the vids are NSFW dude to the language but fuck there funny.

LMFAO (because you made of magic!! you’ve got those magical wrist bands from narnia!) or “yes the magic sandles)

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Posted by on July 13, 2009 in comedy, LOL, video games, youtube



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