The cause of micheal jackson’s death

26 Jun

So it turns out that MJ OD’ on demerol. given to him by a live in doctor who has gone missing. it says he also took large amounts of Xanax and sleeping pills. He mixed heath ledgers death and anna nicoles death into one death. Difference is Micheal Jackson was winning awards because his music was great and timeless not because he died ** cough dark knight heath cough** excuse me. No Jokes (a side from throwing heath ledger under a bus…BECAUSE ITS TRUE DAMN IT!) Here just information on how Micheal died under the image.


Law enforcement sources tell us a BMW belonging to the doctor was towed from Jackson’s home last night. Cops are looking to interview the doc.
A law enforcement source says the doctor gave Jackson an injection before he died.
Jackson reportedly may have OD’d on Demerol. As we first reported, family members were concerned that Jackson was taking too much morphine.

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