Megan Fox, once again

26 Jun

As you all know here by now, any time her pics come up they come up here and i look at these and i think “you know when i say id kick a midget to spend some time with her do i really mean it? because i would never stand in a crowd like these people screaming her name…i want her screaming mine…giggity”. Then there’s this kid who tried to give her a flower and i think “damn kid WTF are you thinking?”. well a long story that’s gone on too long, i don’t think id go ape shit for Megan fox like i say id do. Though when i look at her in that pic of the kid trying to give her a rose, i look at that rack and all i hear in my head is **squeeze**


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Posted by on June 26, 2009 in Cute, eye candy, wife status



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