The Blue Oval readies for War

18 Jun

For those who might recall, a few days ago I posted information on the upcoming ZR-1 powered Camaro built by Hennessy. That car is simply put “a beast”, however I don’t think GM can handle the upcoming Mustang wave even with help from tuners. The base Camaro remains relatively scarce in the showroom floor and although several tuners have began modifying and improving the SS model, they will fall short to what Ford is readying. In addition to such notable cars produced by tuners Roush, Saleen and Steeda, Ford has it’s GT500, GT500KR and Super Snakes running around. Add another high scorcher to the list, the 2010 710-hp, twin Turbo Reed Speed Mustang.

Developed in partnership with Artisan Performance, the Reed Speed SSE is packing a reworked engine, complete with forged rods, new pistons and Total Seal rings. The new internals drop the compression ratio to accept the 12 psi of dual-intercooled boost huffed through a set of Artisan Rear Mounted twin turbochargers. According to Reed, the combination is good for 700 hp, and will only be backed by a proper manual gearbox.

In addition the Blue Oval is readying the return of the 5.0 in 2011. As a 5.0 owner believe me those cars can fly. Also don’t forget the glass roof option that unlike the Camaro will offer a sky view. Your move Camaro.




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