Rihanna just being Rihanna

15 Jun

Well just a heads up Cosplay Monday may be a little late i had a hard time finding Cosplay up to our standards. Well hers Rihanna just out and about and there’s a “sextape” leaking of her and ill tell you this, it isn’t her. Ive seen the preview vid of it and the forehead just doesn’t match up. Ill tell you when more comes out. That might mean we could see more of her because now shes a full blow whoure. I don’t think ill post the vid, I mean I think we do have to draw the line somewhere. anyways here is Rihanna fully clothed and not mid coitus.


I do ask when will we see the Megan Fox Lesbian Romp with Vanessa Hudgens?

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Posted by on June 15, 2009 in Cute, eye candy, whoure


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