Scott Pilgrim Vlogs

23 May

Actually im thinking of disbanding the mixtape weekends. the simple fact is because quite frankly there isnt anything up to standards coming out. i mean i could post trivial hip hop just to keep it up. In all honestly i may be a drunken lech but i do have some morals so instead im gonna post up some scott pilgrim vlogs. to put this out there i quote that after this movie comes out everyones gonna be all over it like a LOP. im waiting on vol.6 of the graphic novel to come out. i mean im on my 4th read through already damn lol. I’ll do my best to find hip hop upto our standards but until then its gonna be barren.

and for number 5 go to

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Posted by on May 23, 2009 in eye candy, LOL, manga, youtube



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