Album Review: A.B.S. – Loma Prieta

14 May

Once again we at HHLE have been asked to do another Review. This time for its for A.B.S’ Loma Prieta. After listening to this album it covers Things we’re about, Whoures and Booze. without Further BS lets get into this.


A.B.S. a blog favorite Rapper is located in San Francisco, CA. A.B.S. Has been using the internet to get his music out years before the mainstream was. Back when he was on Hip Hop sites like he’s been continuing to Improve is Skills and grow. his hustle has become a blueprint for every artist trying to make things happen on a modest budget. His album “Loma Prieta” is his latest album he’s done and we had the privalige to get a advance copy before its released on May 21st 2009.

The Breakdown

What’s different from the last review we did? Well, this album is more of what we like. It’s more real, more complex, and has a more gritty underground tone. A.B.S doesn’t try to make his sound mainstream just to break out, he just puts himself in the music which pulls the listener in for the ride. The album intro “Last Lecture” is more of a real Introduction to the album than just a skit. It’s heavy with punchlines and short, but it gets the job done. “So Cool” is up next which is probably one of my favorite tracks on the album. It’s driven by an Andrew Dice Clay sample and has an old school N.W.A. vibe to it. The album isn’t all about swagger though as A.B.S. shows us on tracks like “I don’t wanna be right” and “The Rain” being some of the deeper more personal tracks. These are the really soulful joints, I mean “I don’t wanna be right” is well put together. It’s all not sunshine and gum drops though as the lyrics are sincere and heart-felt. “Man Up” is kinda clunky, not in the sense of a 16 year old learning to drive stick, but more of like trying to speed up while driving and all of a sudden a speed bump comes out of no where. “Jello Move” is the main club track of the album, its a little dumbed down compared to the rest of the album, but the song topic didn’t call for complexity. “I’m Gone” and “New Era” are the songs addressing whats wrong with the Hip Hop game. “New Era” features Icadon of the Gilla House fame who’s been on every A.B.S. project since the two met. Both emcees are great on this track. “006 and the Microchip” is a dope storytelling track with a surprise ending that leaves you wanting more. Now comes “I’m Boozin'” which when i saw the title i thought this will be my favorite track on the album. The lyrics were what i expected, the chorus not so much. To me the singing doesn’t really seem to fit. Another mentionable is “Someone’s Watching” which touches on the topic of paranoia in a world full of cameras. When the smoke cleared by the last track, A.B.S stayed true to what he does. He came with that real, at times deviant A.B.S we all know. A.B.S. hints on “Last Lecture” and “I’m Gone” as well as the “Farewell Address” (delivered by WWE vet Ric Flair) that this may be his last stint. The question is…will A.B.S. come back? Will he retire? As the rumor mill turns I’m sure we’ll get our answer since it seems he can’t sit quiet for long.

The Review

A.B.S brought the dirty, REAL Hip Hop we don’t get to hear anymore from this watered-down genre. The album wasn’t a hit and miss kind of deal, some tracks hit and some were slightly off target. For the most part the album was solid. Some tracks just didn’t go as smoothly as others. Production by Skullneck Records resident producer The Last Brain was solid. My only problem quality-wise was the differences between A.B.S and Dollarmentary (who just got off the “Stay High” tour with Redman and Method Man) on “Bite the Bullet” which was produced by Grammy award winning producer Rockwilder. Dollarmentary’s audio quality was slightly lower then A.B.S’ was. All and all it’s a great album. If you like Redman and Method Man then check this out.

LOMAcover-1 copy

rating 4 1/2 Whoures out of 5.
because the source gives out mics, we give out whoures. Honestly everyone loves a whoure.

Ive also included a press release with more information. Also Visit for more info and where to buy this album.

A.B.S. releases new LP “Loma Prieta”

SAN FRANCISCO, CA. – San Francisco rapper A.B.S. releases his 4th album “Loma Prieta” on his independent label Skullneck Records. Following on the heels of the underground success of his “Booth Classics vol. 2” Mixtape (sequel to the original mixtape hosted by Gilla House/Johnny Pump artist Icadon), A.B.S. releases his fourth LP in four years. When it comes to most artists, quantity doesn’t translate to quality. That’s not the case with this born-bread Philadelphia rapper who also kept his mic warm with 3 mixtapes during the span. Now hailing out of downtown San Francisco, A.B.S. displays his east coast influences on international beats. With tracks mostly produced by German producer and Skullneck Records mainstay The Last Brain, you can expect the same variety of music they displayed on their co-released LP “Smoke N Mirrors” in 2007. Grammy award winner Rockwilder produces the banger “Bite the Bullet” featuring Dollarmentary, which is a sure stand out. Sneak previews of the album were leaked on TSM Radio (#1 Podcast on iTunes hosted by Stu Stone of Mtv’s Blowin’ Up), which immediately got the internet buzzing. A.B.S. performed his heartfelt hit “I Don’t Wanna Be Right” live on the same podcast stirring up weekly requests for replays of the performance. “Loma Prieta” is a nice break from the norm with street anthems meant to be played at maximum volume. A.B.S. is the first and only rapper to appear and perform live on CNBC’s “Suze Orman Show” promoting her “Get Your Money Right” Tour with Russell Simmons.. The performance clip has become a viral classic since it aired in 2005. Jacksonville Jaquar’s Maurice Jones Drew describes A.B.S. as “Hip Hop’s #1 Draft Pick.” Wanda Sykes was quoted as saying: “When you hear this sh*t, Bit*h you gotta stop!” And that’s just a couple of people of interest who have chimed in on A.B.S.’ talent.

For more Information, promo requests, or to set up an interview please contact: For immediate requests call 415.205.6404.


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6 responses to “Album Review: A.B.S. – Loma Prieta

  1. Pedro

    January 5, 2010 at 9:15 PM

    thanks, got it off itunes. it’s hott dawg

  2. Reason

    January 5, 2010 at 10:35 PM

    you should pick up his Album “The Toast” its just as good if not better.

  3. Pedro

    January 6, 2010 at 9:12 PM

    got it too. i been playing loma prieta all day, just got toast. your right, older is my favorite song too. where’d u find him?

  4. Reason

    January 6, 2010 at 10:59 PM

    I used to go to this hip hop site (a dead site now) and then i worked with him in frisco and we kept in contact and when i started this blog with my friend i hit him up to do a review of his albums. heres a music video for High Life he recorded in paris and NY. yeah older is a classic.

  5. Graciela Carlson

    January 28, 2010 at 5:11 AM

    When I saw your blog was like wow. Thank you for putting your effort in making this article.

  6. Riley

    February 18, 2010 at 10:19 AM

    I thought this site was all about the babes but i’m glad to see reviews. i also bought this album and have since bought the toast. your right, this guy really stays true without autotune lol. i really like jello move”. WORK DAT BODY


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