Miss California

13 May

so shes made quite the show of her self about a certain subject. Now were here at HHLE never get political because honestly we dont care. Until they put strippers in the senate we wont care. anyways here’s pics of her yesterday doing whatever the hell miss California does. honestly she looks a tad bit aged in this pics. maybe that’s because shes standing next too the 17 year old Miss California teen. I will say this, whatever your stance is, set it a side and just look at her for her Whoure value. Also ive included the pic that started all the crap about her flashing her rack. Until I see some unedited pictures i dont see what the big deal is, even after that i still wont. Shes got a man made rack why get it if shes not gonna show it off?


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Posted by on May 13, 2009 in Cute, eye candy, whoure



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