And so it begins, the death of music rhythm games

09 May

Activision being the money grubbing whores that they are have decided to make DJ hero (yes as in hip hop DJ) guitar hero 5 and band hero (aka Rock Band rip off). Also sorry for no hip hop weekend yet. everything has been garbage on these scene. I refuse to post mixtapes just to make posts. i may be a drunken whoure monger, but i do have some morals.


you can read the story but its pretty much this. Activision wanted to sit down and figure out how to run this trend (which wasnt a trend before when HMX was running the show) into the ground. first they rip off Rock Band and make GH:WT a band game. now there still crapping out a new guitar hero and then on top of that put out Band Hero and DJ hero. so now fans (actually fan boys to still stand by the GH series) have to buy 2 games instead of just the one Guitar Hero 5. much like Rock Band (which to be honest im losing interest in also) is doing with the Beatles version but at least there not putting out Rock Band 3 till next year. So on top of all that they are deciding to rape hip hop. im pretty sure its gonna have tracks from lil wayne and whatever else mainstream garbage they can get there money grubbing hands on. Sadly this marks the death of music Rhythm games. Oh well see you guys on Street Fighter IV.


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