Swine Flu: a HHLE PSA

01 May


The swine flu has become the morons zombie apocalypse (which in reality a zombie out break is for morons and isnt something to fear in the first place, the dead rising from the grave to kill us with there slow moving advances and decaying limbs should not be a problem, its the robots we have to worry about.). People have gone to great lengths to be misinformed and think that you can get the swine flu from just EATING pork. Honestly how stupid can you be? unless this is some super god virus simply eating cooked pork because cooking it kills the virus much like salmonella in chicken. Granted the givers of deliciousness have turned on us, we can still eat there gift to us, Bacon.

Swine flu, like the seasonal influenza virus, is a respiratory infection which can be passed from person to person as a result of the transmission of bodily fluids. Those who are infected can pass this virus by coughing or sneezing and touching contaminated surfaces like doorknobs or telephone receivers.

It just like a normal flu people. read up.

someone has been so kindly made a site for you and you should check it out.*

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