Some Truth about HHLE

01 May

We here at HHLE are committed to bring you the freshest and newest news on Whoures, Cars, Tech, and Hip Hop to you. By now you have obviously realized that WE LOVE WHOURES. By whoures we mean hot and crazy girls who are into the same things we like, the crazier the better. From this I will like to admit something else. We LOVE BRITISH CHICKS. If any one is familiar with her (Layla Kayleigh)…………you know what we are talking about.

Layla Kayleigh

Having know this I will like to bring your attention to another hot British Chick. Her name is Loora Patterson. I don’t know much about her but based on the picture she meets the high standards we have here at HHLE. Don’t get me wrong she is no Layla Kayleigh, no one is, but she does look mighty fine in all her British Glory. Having said this, if there is any British girl who reads this blog please feel free to contact us, we will definitely love to hear from you. Enjoy.


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