And the Truth starts coming out Part 2……………

01 May

For those who regularly visit us here at HHLE, a few days ago I posted a rant on how I hate people who bash on cars that were not made in Japan, this is part two of that rant. Like I previously said please educate yourself and SHUT THE HELL UP before you being to argue the superiority of Japanese Cars. Understand that proper maintenance is the underlying factor that determines how long your car lasts. All cars are made the same, with the same processes, machinery and materials, granted some have higher quality materials. Those who simply say Toyota’s or any other Japanese car lasts “forever” simply comply to this media hype. Case and point check out this picture……..

Regular Maintenance is Needed

You might be asking yourself why would you put chocolate syrup on your intake? Well ladies and gentleman, that is broken down oil. This came from a Saturn Outlook that belongs to Rent-A-Car. The vehicle was brought into the local dealership shop after the check-engine light appeared and the engine quit running. When the technicians checked it out this is what they found. Apparently the vehicle went 30,000 miles without any service and as a result blew its engine.

Let’s examine this in 4 simple step
1. Car (Domestic at that) was neglected Service
2. Owner complained said car was broken down at only 30,000 miles
3. After review dealer found out said Owner is a dumb ass
4. Car is broken down and will need massive repairs

Had this been a Toyota, god forbid you miss an oil change, because Toyota’s Run for ever. Now this misconception possibly cost the owner a lot of money. So make sure you get that maintenance done. Oh and if you own a Toyota Tacoma or Tundra made between 1995 and 2002 make sure you check out your frame and you address the problem. Word is they are rusting and falling apart

Toyota Frame Rust

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One response to “And the Truth starts coming out Part 2……………

  1. Reason

    May 1, 2009 at 7:20 PM

    also notice that there top selling points is “resale value” and “gas mileage”. we already know that there are domestics with the same, if not better gas mileage then most japanese cars. Why is Resale value so important to make it a selling point in there commercials? Because your just gonna lease it then go ahead and trade it in for the newer model because most Japanese car owners are just propaganda believing label whores **cough**toyota/lexus owners**cough**. And not the good whoures we love here, the bad whores we dont like the ones that walk up to you and go “i’m bored” like we’re here to entertain you.


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