good things come in small packages

23 Apr

no not what your girlfriend said to you to make you feel better, Its a Car

2 out of the 3 blog admins love cars, me being a BMW/German and Camaro fan, the other being a Ford man we both agree this VW GTI is epic. Now you sit there and read “GTI” and think “Really?” (we think School girls because of the the choice of fabric for the seats in a GTI Gigitty). This is Volkswagen’s GTI W12-650 one off concept. a 640 HP (650hp im guessing at the fly wheel) W12 Bently powered, lamborghini axle’d, Audi Stopping GTI and it was all put together in just 8 weeks. i can say this, Cuddles knows how to drive a car. unlike me who who floors it to a 100MPH and takes his hands off the steering wheel all the way to 100.

hit the jump for another VW Admin favorite the “Thunder bunny”. Because we ❤ anything with the word Bunny in it. i believe its a 2.0L stage 2 or 3 turbo under its cuddly little hood.

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Posted by on April 23, 2009 in Automotive, eye candy


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