Something classier then wine in a box?

14 Apr


Now if you know me you know i have a goal of taking wine in a box and walking around mid town getting drunk off wine in a box. you know the super classy one with a handle and a nozzle? well apparently Paris Hilton endorsed something even more classier…Champagne in a can!

“Rich Prosecco,” the sparking wine in a can that Paris Hilton endorsed by posing naked in gold body paint, is not selling well. Apparently there are warehouses full of the stuff, and retailers can’t move it.

Added to that, the company also faces a legal showdown with Italian vintners over the use of the name ‘Prosecco’.

However Austrian owner Guenther Aloys refuses to blame Paris’ endorsement of the drink for its poor performance in the marketplace. He said: “She is the perfect advert for our product. “We have several new campaigns that are already being planned.”

what? having a herpie infested whoure is hurting sales? not the fact that its Champagne in a can? granted half of your of your buyers when they buy it they ask “can i get that Cham-pag-nee in a can?” sure…well sign me up, ill get the beer bong and a six pack of that cham-pag-nee in a can we finna get tore up!

after the jump the poster they used to sell it, might be NS4W since paris is nude.

via: webster is my bitch


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