Move Over Marshall?

08 Apr


So since he’s been away Marshall says the game disgusts him in it’s current state, or at least the state its been in since he went on hiatus(obviously Em didn’t cop no Budden or no Fiasco album recently) But anway…His long awaited first single drops, We Made You being the name, Dre produced and as past form shows, a catchy joke ridden stab at the world, it’s decent don’t get me wrong but it’s not what I wanna hear, y’know. So there’s talk that this one white kid is gonna come fuck up Marshalls re-assault, like he’s the new dude so move over. I Wasn’t buying all that shit I mean Em is was will be an all time top 5 for his serious joints alone, MMLP was a classic and The Eminem Show not far off. So I hear a few joints from Ash Roth and start liking the chilled vibe he’s got. Then I hear this joint with Cee Lo bka the voice of Gnarls Barkley called Be By Myself

Shit’s nice and on this form, I see the making of a good, if a little different, successor to Marshall. He can work the serious joints and his I Love College track gets MAD airplay. Peep the link and keep an eye out for Asher Roth – Asleep In The Bread Aisle

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