ok theres a limit.

03 Apr

Granted if you know me, I’m a Street Fighter Junkie. If I’m not Breaking my foot off in someones ass with Sagat online in SFIV, whooping people on the Dreamcast versions of SNK vs. Capcom 2, Or out playing Street Fighter Alpha 3 max on the psp. I ignore calls from certain people when im, playing or constantly late to things because im playing, but passing on Sex? FOOLISH!!! ill throw down the controller for that even if im money is involved on the match.

One in three men would prefer to play video games than enjoy sex with their other halves, shocking new research revealed today.


And nearly three quarters of blokes said they would give up the chance of a romp with their partners to play a brand new game.

Reasons men gave for choosing to bash their buttons rather than opt for naughty frolics ranged from partners “being hard to please” to “not being as much fun”.

Specialist PlayStation3 site questioned 1,130 men who were in relationships for the study.

When asked “Which would you prefer; sex with your partner or an evening playing video games?”, 32 per cent of men said they would prefer to play video games.

But that number shot up when the question changed to include “new video games”.

And almost half of those questioned said that if given £50 to spend they would buy a video game, with only 3 per cent spending it on the bills.

Mike Elsmore, developer of, said: “I, like many other men, am an avid gamer, but even I find these results startling.”

Hard to please? not much fun? what are you gay? startling? i mean i expected it but when you see it in words its horrible. Just as well, its just one more reason the SHOULDN’T mate.

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